K1206A / MS-153BN

K1206A / MS-153BN

Item Code: K1206A / MS-153BN


NON-PTFE Release Agents

Extreme High Temperature Release Agent and Dry Lubricant (Boron Nitride)

K1206A (14 oz Aerosol)
MS-153BN (Qt, Gal, 5G, 55G)


A boron nitride based product for mold release and dry film lubrication applications. This boron nitride active ingredient is a fine particle size of the hexagonal form of the compound. It is naturally lubricious and stable at elevated temperatures (1562°F/850°C) and in aggressive environments. An excellent surface coating for molds used to produce castings of light metals such as magnesium and for coating surfaces in glass making operations. 


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