Vertrel Sion

Vertrel Sion

Item Code: Vertrel Sion


Vertrel™ Sion is a high solvency cleaning agent developed in response to worldwide market demand for safe, nonflammable and low environmental impact products for cleaning applications. Typical applications for this product include degreasing, precision cleaning, defluxing, silicone removal, and general solvent cleaning.


♦  Designed to clean a wide range of soils

♦  Fast, residue-free drying; offers viscosity to clean
    oil and grease from small parts, leaving no residue

♦  Compatible with a broad range of metals, plastics,
    and elastomers

♦  Chemically and thermally stable

♦  Zero ODP and low GWP (< 15 GWP)

♦  Recyclable and reusable

♦  Low surface tensions

♦  Nonflammable

♦  Allows for the continued use of existing equipment
   (no or minimal equipment upgrade necessary)

♦  Easy to handle, easy to store

♦  Available in multiple package sizes